Identifying and investigating potential cases of reportable diseases is critical to mitigating many dangerous illnesses. The Health Department is required by law to investigate cases of reportable diseases. These efforts intend to identify how the disease is spreading, and in turn, halt further spread.

There are more than 50 reportable diseases in Kansas. Some rarely occur, but some are more common, such as hepatitis, chickenpox and pertussis (whooping cough).

Notifiable Diseases

Kansas notifiable diseases must be reported to the Harvey County Health Department and/or the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. A list of notifiable diseases is available here. The form for reporting any of these diseases can be found here.

To discuss a suspected notifiable disease case or information on preventing its spread, contact the HCHD's community services coordinator.

More information on nationally notifiable diseases can be found here.

Food-Related Illness Complaints, Lodging Complaints

The Harvey County Health Department does not conduct food inspections. Food inspections are completed by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. The KDA's online food safety complaint form can be found here.

The HCHD also does not conduct reviews of rental or lodging properties for issues such as mold or bed bugs. These are completed by the KDA. The KDA's lodging complaint form can be found here.


One of the best ways to reduce disease transmission is to maintain clean, healthy habits.

Routine handwashing can help prevent the spread of disease. Covering your cough or sneeze, and staying home if you feel sick, are important steps to keeping others healthy.

Staying up-to-date on appropriate immunizations is also an important part in reducing the spread of illnesses. The Health Department can assist with many common vaccinations. Please call us for more information on vaccines we offer or to schedule an appointment.