Information about property ownership, property description and property tax can be accessed through the "parcel search":

  • Step 1: Click on this link and choose "Public Access" or "Registered User"
  • Step 2: If you are a registered user, enter your username, password, and click on "Login"
  • Step 3: Enter search criteria.

Registered users can have access to sale information. These users include individuals who have access to sales information according to KSA 79-1437f. Additional information regarding cost may be obtained by contacting the Appraiser's Office.

Additionally, the Open Records for Kansas Appraisers (ORKA) site provides property information for counties by the State of Kansas.

Property Tax Calendar

If a deadline falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the last day to file will automatically be extended to the next business day.

Date Description
January 1 Valuation Date
March 1 Change of Value Notices mailed
March 31 Deadline for filing Real Property Valuation Appeal
May 15 Informal Appraiser Conferences Completed
May 20

Last date for decisions from Informal Conferences to be mailed

First day for Commercial Real Estate Formal Hearings

May 10 Second half Payment Under Protest payment deadline from previous year
November 1 Tax roll delivered to County Treasurer
December 15 Tax bills mailed to property owners by December 15th
December 20 Tax bills due
December 20 First half Payment Under Protest payment due