If you need to register or title a vehicle, the Treasurer's Office is here to help. The office works in conjunction with the State of Kansas. Walk-in service is welcome, while residents can also schedule an appointment for their convenience. Tag renewals can also be done online through the State of Kansas.

When a vehicle is bought, the new owner has 60 days to visit our office to have the documents processed. Some documentation you may need includes:

  • Title, signed over to the new owner
  • Insurance
  • (If purchased from a Kansas dealership) Sales tax receipt
  • (If purchased from individual) Bill of sale
  • (If purchased out-of-state, salvaged or non-highway) Motor Vehicle Enforcement inspection 1

Kansas car dealerships collect sales tax for the county in which the dealership is located. However, if that sales tax percentage is lower than Harvey County's sales tax, we collect the difference. Harvey County's sales tax is 8.5 percent. For example, if a vehicle is purchased in a county with a 7.5 percent sales tax, Harvey County will collect an additional 1 percent. If a vehicle is bought at a dealership in another state, we will collect the full sales tax when the vehicle is titled.

If a purchased vehicle has an out-of-state title, is a salvage vehicle or has a non-highway title, it will need to have a Motor Vehicle Enforcement inspection (MVE-1). The inspection can be done in-county or out-of-county. Local service options include:

So when do you renew your vehicle tag? Heavy truck and trailer tags expire Dec. 31, but cannot be renewed until Jan. 1. For those, there is a grace period through February. Commercial tags expire Dec. 31, and can be renewed Dec. 1 through Feb. 28. For automotive, light truck and RV renewals, it is based on the first letter of your last name.

Last name letter Renewal month
A February
B March
C, D April
E, F, G May
H, I June
J, K, L July
M, N, O August
P, Q, R September
S October
T, V, W November
U, X, Y, Z December

Commercial vehicle services at the Treasurer's Office are by walk-in only. International registration plan processing is not available at our office.

The State of Kansas will mail your license plate for new vehicles. There are several styles of plates available. Some require additional documentation.

You can re-print your vehicle renewal here.