The Harvey County driver's license office processes more than 8,500 licenses each year, helping drivers earn their first license or with license renewals.

Services provided at the Harvey County office include renewing and replacing non-commercial licenses, renewing and issuing new identification cards, processing driver education applications, issuing motor vehicle records, issuing Kansas licenses for drivers with valid out-of-state licenses and providing instructional permit exams. You can schedule an appointment for services here.

The driver's license study book is available through the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Harvey County charges a $5 processing fee, in addition to fees charged by the State of Kansas.

Harvey County is a limited service office. Non-commercial driver's licenses can be processed at any office in Kansas, meaning drivers from other counties can receive service at our office.

However, commercial licenses and conceal and carry licenses must be processed at a full service location. Nearby full service offices include: