David Yoder, Harvey County AttorneyDavid Yoder, Harvey County Attorney


The Office of the Harvey County Attorney exists to protect the safety of the citizens of Harvey County.

Our duty is to enforce the criminal laws of the State of Kansas, and to prosecute those who commit crimes within the territorial limits of Harvey County, keeping in mind at all times the needs and rights of the victims in each case. All felony offenses in Harvey County and misdemeanor cases occurring in rural Harvey County become our responsibility, and it is our duty to vigorously prosecute these cases, especially repeat offenders and those committing crimes of violence and sexual abuse.

We are sworn to serve the interests of fairness and justice, and to that end we are bound to treat fairly all those with whom we deal, including members of the legal profession, members of law enforcement and citizens of the community. We strive to assist our community with the needs of their children, through the child in need of care and juvenile offender systems and any appropriate alternative program. We further assist the infirm within the community through the care and treatment program.


The County Attorney’s Office prosecutes violations of the criminal laws of Kansas; institutes proceedings to protect abused and neglected children; prosecutes juvenile offenders; secures care and treatment in alcohol, drug and mental commitment cases; appears before the appellate courts of Kansas regarding civil and criminal appeals; other statutory civil proceedings as provided by law; and provides services to victims and witnesses to ensure their fair treatment in the criminal justice system.