The Harvey County Health Department offers a diverse array of services in addition to more routine programs such as immunizations and child care support.

Here are a few other topics the Health Department can help with:

Blood Pressure Checks

Please call the Health Department for more information on blood pressure checks.

Lead Services

Lead can be highly toxic, and in turn, cause a range of health problems. Adults and children can suffer effects of lead poisoning. However, childhood lead poisoning is more frequent.

The HCHD provides education for blood lead prevention for children and adults. This includes discussing with families ways to help reduce and eliminate elevated blood levels.

Call the Health Department for more information on lead screening.

Needle Disposal

The Health Department can help with the disposal of needles, also known as sharps.

Individuals can purchase an 8-ounce sharps container for $14. The container can be returned to the Health Department for disposal.

The containers are available at the front desk. No questions are asked regarding the needles needing disposed.