Total cases in Kansas
(as of May 7)
Total cases in Harvey County
(as of May 7)
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Immunizations provide protection from disease to children and adults. They are performed with and without appointments at the Harvey County Health Department. 

For faster service, please make an appointment by calling 316-283-1637.

Harvey County Health Department, 215 S. Pine Street, Newton
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CLICK HERE to Learn Why You Should Vaccinate Your Child 

Getting Ready for School?

We can help with immunizations and Kan Be Healthy Screenings. 



Schedule your appointment by calling 316-283-1637 or 1-800-414-4244.  Espanol available.

Bring immunization record, medical card, or other insurance information.

If you have immunization questions, call the Health Department at 316-283-1637 or visit the links below.

English and en Espanol

Download the
current childhood immunization schedule (Birth - Age 6.)

Click here to download the current CDC immunization schedule for Ages 7-18.

Adults should also be up to date on their immunizations. To learn what immunizations you may need CLICK HERE, or find out which
immunizations adults should have CLICK HERE.

Vaccine Information Sheets


Regular checkups and immunizations help to protect your children from many dangerous diseases.

Learn more about specific vaccines and vaccine safety: