Building Permits

Harvey County requires building permits for construction. Building permits are not required for roofing or repair/remodeling on exterior or interior of the home. Additions and new buildings or signs require a permit. 

If you are building in a flood hazard area, you must obtain permits from the county as well as the state. A floodplain building permit is required by Harvey County for all construction in a floodplain. 

Permits from the state must be obtained before permits from county can be issued in flood hazard area. Survey and Elevation Certificate will be required. 

Failure to obtain permits prior to building will result in fees being doubled. 

Building permit fees:

  • Residential Building - $150 ($153.75 payment by credit card)
  • Residential Accessory - $50 (($51.25 payment by credit card)
  • Residential Addition - $50 ($51.25 payment by credit card)
  • Agricultural Accessory is no fee, however a permit must be issued for all agricultural buildings
  • Flood Plain Development Permit Residence - $250 ($256.25 payment by credit card)
  • Flood Plain Development Permit Accessory/Misc -$100 ($102.50 payment by credit card). 
  • Flood Plain Development Permit Bank Stabilization - No Fee. 
  • Commercial Construction (New Bldg, Accessory & Addition) $150 (153.75 payment by credit card).
  • Road Impact Fee $2000 Residential; $4000 Commercial. (Required on new construction sites located on township roads). 
  • Sewer Permits and Well Permits will also be required for new construction. See Environmental for permits and fees. 
Fees can be paid with cash, check or credit card. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. There is a 2.5 percent processing fee for the use of credit cards.

Permit Application Forms:

Harvey County does not have building codes, and therefore no building inspections are done, and no certificate of occupancy is issued. We do recommend building according to the International Building Code, but no enforcement is done.