Specific portions of Harvey County are considered special flood hazard areas. Flooding can be a dangerous natural event, damaging properties and even putting lives at risk.

Certain areas of the county are more susceptible to flooding. 
The Federal Emergency Management Agency uses mapping data to determine SFHAs. Land classified as an SFHA requires the purchase of flood insurance because of its vulnerability to flooding. Harvey County has been a member of the National Flood Insurance Program since 1978.

Additionally, construction done within an SFHA must be permitted through both Harvey County and the Kansas Department of Agriculture's Division of Water Resources. Approvals must be completed before any dirt work or building can begin - failure to adhere to local and state regulations can result in penalty or removal of construction.

For mapping of local floodplain boundaries, click here.

Local emergency response agencies strategize ways to mitigate the effects of flooding and how to coordinate resources in a flooding event. For information on how you can prepare your family, home or business for flooding is available at ready.gov.