The Local Emergency Operations Plan was created to provide an overview of emergency organization and policies for Harvey County. The LEOP presents the overall approach to disaster response and recovery while assigning responsibilities for emergency tasks. It is an all-hazards plan, providing guidance for sheltering, deploying resources, communication and more.

The LEOP is broken down into 15 assistance groups called Emergency Support Functions. The ESFs are in line with the National Response Framework and the Kansas Response Plan. For more information on each ESFs specific function, click on the individual pages below.

Local Emergency Operations Basic Plan
ESF 1 - Transportation
ESF 2 - Communications
ESF 3 - Public Works and Engineering
ESF 4 - Firefighting
ESF 5 - Emergency Management
ESF 6 - Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Temporary Housing and Human Services
ESF 7 - Logistics and Resources
ESF 8 - Public Health and Medical Services
ESF 9 - Search and Rescue
ESF 10 - Oil and Hazardous Materials
ESF 11 - Agriculture and Natural Resources
ESF 12 - Energy and Utilities
ESF 13 - Public Safety and Security
ESF 14 - Long-Term Community Recovery
ESF 15 - Public Information and External Communications