One of the biggest dangers during an emergency is complacency. Emergencies often arise with little-to-no notice and intensify suddenly. Preparation and situational awareness are fundamental to being able to swiftly and thoughtfully react during a disaster.

Planning ahead and identifying where to find resources ahead of time can go a long way during an incident. A few simple steps today can better prepare you for future events. Here are some resources to help you and your family be ready in case of an emergency.


  • From help identifying common dangers to how to stay informed during a disaster, this site offers an array of preparedness literature.
  • Built a Kit: An emergency kit is essential to giving you quick access to supplies. shares suggestions for starting or improving your emergency kit.
  • Media Resources: Staying informed before, during and after an emergency is imperative for you and your family's safety. There are several ways to keep informed of current conditions.
    • Local Media: Television, radio, digital and print media outlets play an integral role in sharing information.
    • Social Media: Following reputable sources can provide access to information on-the-go or at home. Follow Harvey County EM on Facebook and X.
    • Weather Radio: A weather radio can alert you to watches and warnings in your area.
    • Outdoor Warning Sirens: Outdoor warning sirens can convey information of life-threatening weather conditions. Please remember the sirens are only meant to be heard outside, and should not be your sole source of notification.
    • Everbridge: Harvey County utilizes the Everbridge alert system.



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