Harvey County's three commissioners are dedicated to the entire county, but they are elected to represent one of three districts. District 1 includes Walton, parts of Newton and much of eastern Harvey County. District 2 includes North Newton and parts of Newton. District 3 covers much of western Harvey County, including Burrton, Halstead, Hesston and Sedgwick.

Each commission seat is held for four years. The District 1 term was elected in 2022. Districts 2 and 3 were elected in 2020.

Commissioners fill several roles. During commission meetings, they guide county policies, hear feedback from the public, make annual budget decisions and more. Commissioners are also responsible for appointing members of citizen advisory boards, such as the Council on Aging, Parks Advisory Board and more. Advisory boards are crucial in aiding commission policy and decision making.

Commissioners are involved in several boards themselves. You can find out more about each commissioner's roles below.

 Becky Reimer
Commission Vice-Chair
District 1

Commissioner Becky Reimer
Boards served:
Newton City/County Aviation Commission
Regional Economic Area Partnership Board
Public-Private Partnership
Chamber Breakfast Representative
Local Emergency Planning Committee Alternate

Randy Hague
Commission Chair
District 2
Commissioner Randy Hague 2022
Boards served:
Public Building Commission
Regional Economic Area Partnership Board Alternate
Harvey County Council of Governments
Harvey County Economic Development Council
Local Emergency Planning Committee

Don Schroeder
District 3
Commissioner Don Schroeder 2022
Boards served: 
Board of Community Corrections
Regional Youth Advisory Board
Central Kansas Solid Waste Authority
Little Arkansas River Water Board (WRAP)