The Harvey County Commission approved regulation updates at its Nov. 14 meeting that ban commercial wind and utility-scale solar renewable energy projects in the county. The vote was unanimous.

The regulations will take effect once legal notification has been published in the County's newspaper of record.

The Commission approved updating Harvey County Unified Development Code Section 16.14, which addresses commercial renewable energy. The revisions prohibit commercial wind and utility-scale solar projects, while allowing limited-scale solar construction. Personal wind and solar energy installations, such as those used at residences, are permitted.

The changes to the code were recommended by the Harvey County Planning and Zoning Advisory Board. The advisory board voted at its Oct. 17 meeting to approve updating Section 16.14, which sent the revisions to the Harvey County Commission for review.

In October 2022, the county commission revised its commercial renewable energy regulations to update language regarding setback distance, permissible locations, restrictions and financial protections. Later, the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board requested the county commission institute a six-month moratorium on commercial renewable energy construction.

The county commission put a six-month-moratorium in place on Feb. 21. The moratorium was later extended on Aug. 1 to continue through Dec. 5, 2023.

(Updated Nov. 14, 2023)