The Harvey County Commission approved a resolution to enforce a six-month moratorium on commercial renewable energy construction in the county at its Feb. 21 meeting. The resolution passed on a 2-1 vote, with Commissioners Don Schroeder and Becky Reimer voting in favor.

The moratorium is effective immediately, and expires on Aug. 21, 2023.

The moratorium does not act as a permanent ban on renewable energy builds in Harvey County. Rather, the decision temporarily halts potential commercial renewable energy construction until the date specified. 

The Commission previously looked at implementing a moratorium on commercial wind energy projects at its July 26 meeting, but declined to do so at that time. 

The Commission retains the authority to lift the current moratorium earlier than the specified date.

The Commission also considered a resolution at its Feb. 21 meeting to organize a non-binding advisory vote among registered voters in the county to gauge public sentiment on commercial renewable energy projects.

No action was taken on the measure at the meeting, with commissioners requesting more time to consider details related to holding a potential vote. 

The Harvey County Commission considered both resolutions at the request of the Harvey County Planning and Zoning Advisory Board. The advisory board recommended at its Feb. 7 meeting to have the county commission consider a six-month moratorium on commercial renewable energy projects and to conduct a non-binding vote.

(Updated Feb. 21, 2023)