The Sheriff's Office helps support several local programs, both within the Sheriff's Office and those of other community organizations. Here is an overview of some of our initiatives.

Community Chaplain Response Team
The Community Chaplain Response Team operates for all of Harvey County. It helps with emotional support for first responders and training opportunities for volunteers and chaplains. The program is coordinated by Jason Reynolds. Find out more about the Chaplain Response Team on its Facebook page

Explorers Program
This program was the creation of deputy Kurt Ford. Ford was killed in the line of duty, but the program's birth continued in his memory as Explorer Post 918 - Ford's retired badge number. The group learns about law enforcement, including ride-alongs with deputies, learning from emergency dispatchers, traffic control during the Harvey County Fair and more.

Anyone ages 14 to 21 can join the Kurt Ford Explorers. The group meets on the second Tuesday of every month.

Sheriff's Reserves
One of our most valued volunteer programs is the sheriff's reserves. This unit has the same duties and functions of a deputy, but does so on a volunteer basis. 

The sheriff's office is continually looking to add to its reserve corps. Prospective reserves must be 21 years old. Reserves go through the same rigorous interviewing process as any deputy, and should they be accepted into the program, hold the same authority as deputies.

Reserves help with patrol Friday and Saturday nights, and help out during the Harvey County Fair. 

Mark Scheffler is the captain of the reserves.