The mission of the Harvey County Detention Center is to detain both pretrial and sentenced inmates from Harvey County, Kansas and its cities, and to enhance the public safety of its citizens. The facility is operated under the supervision of the Harvey County Sheriff, who shall manage the facility in accordance with the best interests of the county.



The primary purpose of the facility is to provide a safe and secure environment for the incarceration of persons lawfully admitted to the facility by local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies of competent jurisdiction, and as otherwise required by law. The facility may also accept, at the Sheriff's discretion, pretrial and sentenced offenders from other cities or counties, the state of Kansas, or the federal government.


The Harvey County Detention Center began PREA Compliance efforts January 1, 2015. Since that time, Detention Center staff has experienced operational, and policy changes to reflect 'best practices' and pursue a full compliance rating. Currently, Harvey County Detention Center has completed a certified audit and is in the 'Corrective Action Phase' for some minor changes to current policies in order to bring them to a compliant status.

Harvey County Detention Center has Zero-Tolerance for Sexual Abuse or Harassment of those in it's care. All reports, allegations, or suspicions of sexual misconduct are requried to be investigated by the Harvey County Sheriff's Office Investigations Unit. This requires that 100% of allegations are referred per Harvey County Sheriff's Office policy 2.17 -- Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Aggregate data over the 2015 calendar year has been compiled, and will be published in compliance with PREA standards. Harvey County Detention Center Policy 2.17 can be downloaded for view under 'PREA POLICY' on the 'Links' section of this website.

Aggregate data is broken into 2 categories (Staff on Inmate abuse/harassment) or Inmate misconduct (Inmate on Inmate related abuse/harassment). Each category also contains three subcategories. These categories are classifications of the investigation. They are Substantitated (incident occurred with evidence to support classification), Unsubstantiated (incident may have occurred, but no evidence or corroboration could be identified), and Unfounded (no evidence exists that the incident occurred; or report was made intentionally false). 

Aggregate Data for 2015: 2015 saw 7 PREA related reports. Those 7 reports consisted of 2 allegations of Staff misconduct (1 unsubstantiated & 1 unfounded); and 5 allegations of Inmate misconduct (1 substantiated & 4 unsubstantiated claims). 

Investigations resulting in administrative action: 6
Investigations resulting in criminal referral for prosecution: 0

If you wish to file a report on an Inmate's behalf, Harvey County Sheriff'S Office accepts third party reports. You may contact the Sheriff's Office at 316-284-6960 and request to speak with the PREA Coordinator.  

PREA Policy
2016 Harvey County PREA Audit Report
2016 PREA Annual Report


  • Captain KC Kersenbrock
  • Lieutenant Scott VanHorn
  • Sergeant Doug Hoffman
  • Sergeant Brian Gaiser
  • Sergeant Brian Huntley
  • Sergeant Rebeca Satterfield
  • Training Sergeant James Morris
  • Corporal/Training Deputy Ronnie Wagner
  • Corporal/Training Deputy Josh Garver
  • PREA Coordinator Investigator Josh Davis

The first Harvey County Jail was built in 1880. "Newton had the reputation of being the last frontier outpost of civilization, a place where cowboys held "high jinks" and where men who shot from the hip held forth. "The board of commissioners finally determined that the county should have a jail and at a meeting held on Sept. 15, 1879, the board ordered that a vote should be taken at the regular election held in November. The proposition of issuing county bonds to the amount of $6,000.00 for the purpose of building the jail. The proposition carried. The jail was built of Florence rock and after completion it was found that Florence rock was not the proper material to use in jail construction. It served its purpose well enough, but was inadequate to cope with more modern methods of criminals and frequent escapes began to occur. Prisoners were able to dig out of the jail almost at will." The walls were damp and boards of health and court officers began to demand a new jail, as early as 1905.

On August 1, 1916 the county commissioners called a special election to be held at the primary election for the issuance of $20,000.00 for jail purposes. The proposition passed. Bids for the new jail were opened on March 6, 1917. The winning bid went to C.C. Peterson of Kansas City, MO for the amount of $16,143.00. The new jail was completed in October 1917. In an article from the Fiftieth Anniversary of Harvey County written on August 22, 1922, the following was written about the new jail. "the present jail should be adequate for the needs of the county the remainder of this century. It is sanitary, strongly built, roomy, and ornate. Ample housing for the jailer and family is provided. The building is heated from the court house plant. Cell room is provided to take care of all the prisoners this county will likely ever have. Separate parts of the cell room are arranged for men and women prisoners, also for juveniles and insane patients."

As time would reveal, the "adequate" jail that was thought could take Harvey County through the end of the Century, would last for about 43 years. In 1964 the new Harvey County Courthouse and jail took on construction. Once complete, the new and improved jail would last for another 30 years before, once again, a new jail was needed to meet the requirements of the present time.

In 1964 construction was underway for the new Harvey County Courthouse and Jail. Behind the construction is the old, but beautiful Harvey County Courthouse that had been built in 1906 at the cost of $44,000.00.

Sheriff Byron Motter and Harvey County Commissioners stand over the area where the current Detention Center is located.

The newest of Harvey County Detention Centers opened in 1997. The Detention Center can hold up to 130 inmates. The average population at any given day is around 100. The Detention Center falls under the Sheriff's Office and the Harvey County Sheriff is responsible for the day to day operation of the jail.

Planning for the Detention Center was started in the fall of 1992 when the Board of Harvey County Commissioners authorized the formation of the jail planning committee. In June 1993 a contract was signed with jail architects, Gossen Livingston of Wichita, KS. From that point on, monthly meetings were held and the plans for the new detention center moved forward.

The site and size of the detention center was chosen in March of 1994. The detention center would be built on the current courthouse site with 108 beds. In November 1995 Walz, Harman & Huffman Construction Company was awarded the contract for the construction of the detention center and the remodeling of the law enforcement center. The detention center has 36,000 square feet and the law enforcement center has 26,000 square feet. The ground-breaking ceremony was held November 20, 1995.

The New Harvey County Detention Center has been meeting the needs of Harvey County since its completion in 1997. A master control room allows Detention Center Officers to monitor what is going on throughout the facility. The Detention Center provides medical care, mental health evaluation, and alcohol and drug counseling. Meals are served three times a day meeting nutritional needs for all the inmates. A library of books provides inmates with reading materials and inmates can take advantage of exercise by using the indoor basketball court and gym.

Support Service Director, Jason Reynolds, coordinates all inmate programs at the Detention Center.  Some of those programs include; high school degree, anger management, meditation, parenting classes, resume building, alcohol anonymous, narcotic anonymous, spiritual programs, transition programs and mentoring programs.  If you are interested in volunteering to support any of these programs, contact Jason Reynolds at 316-284-6960.

Captain KC Kersenbrock oversees the Detention Center operations for Sheriff T. Walton. Captain Kersenbrock runs two 12 hour shifts at the Detention Center making sure the Center is well served 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  Each Sergeant is in charge of a shift at the Detention Center. A total of twenty three employees work at the Detention Center.


What To Do

Inquire the suspect's charges and bond amount from the Harvey County Detention Center Staff. You may reach them by calling 316-284-6959.

Determine if you wish to pay a cash bond or utilize the services of an authorized bonding agent. If you choose to utilize a bonding agent, the 9th Judicial District must approve him or her.

The 9th Judicial District of Kansas has approved the following bonding agents:

  • Barb's Bail Bonds  316-284-1166
  • Bail Now Bonding  316-283-4920
  • Code Blue Bonding  316-217-3779
  • HC M&M Bonding  316-212-6260
  • M&M Bonding 316-288-1101
  • Owens Bonding  316-284-2196
  • TNT Enterprises 316-727-9226


Inmates at the Detention Center can receive authorized visits from pastors, attorneys, and family members. Prior to signing in for visitation, all visitors must place all purses and other metal objects into lockers (these unlock with a quarter which is given back when you leave) and then pass through a metal detector to ensure the safety of the individuals. Each population area of the Detention Center has specificed times and days for visitation. Please inquire about visitation times for a specified inmate by calling the Detention Center staff at 316-284-6959. Please note that the Detention Center Staff retains the right to refuse visitation for a variety of reasons. Ex: Dress attire of person visiting the inmate, potential conflict between inmate and visitor, discipline of an inmate, etc.)

Fingerprint Fees

If you are needing to be fingerprinted at the Harvey County Detention Center, the following fees apply:

  • $15.00 for up to 3 fingerprint cards, up to three cards per person. Payment is to be made to the Detention Center.
  • $32.50 for total application to the Sheriff's Office for Carry Conceal which includes the print cards for the application.
  • Payment is to be made to the Sheriff's Office. Cash WILL NOT be accepted for Carry Conceal application fees. Please pay these fees with a Cashier's Check, Money Order, or a Personal Check as is stated on the application.
  • Please note that the Detention Center staff DOES NOT have a cash box available to make change. Please bring correct change with you.