In August of 2018, the Harvey County Commission, with the recommendation of the Harvey County Parks Advisory Board, approved limited seasonal hunting in East Park. The program is a partnership with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. The agreement has since been approved through the 2025-26 season.

The decision allows for hunting of specified game, during specified times and days, in specified areas. The program allows for archery deer, archery spring turkey and waterfowl hunting.

Archery deer hunting is available from the second Saturday in October to the fourth Sunday in January (maximum 107 days), and archery turkey hunting is allowed April 1 through May 31. Both programs are available on a section north of Northeast 24th Street (designated as Harvey County A), and a second section north of Northeast 12th Street (designated as Harvey County C). Only one hunter can use the area per day, but can bring up to two other people. 

Waterfowl hunting is available the last weekend of October to the third Sunday in February (maximum 114 days) on the northernmost section of the lake, as well as an area just south of 24th (designated as Harvey County B). There are five blinds set up for waterfowl hunting. One person can reserve one blind, and can bring up to three other people. Hunting can only be done from the hunting blind.

To use the specified park ground, hunters must fill out an online registration form through iSportsman. You can create an account here. A map of hunting locations across the state can be found here.

Hunters can reserve a hunting time beginning at 8 p.m. the day before. Reservations can be made daily.

After completing a hunt, hunters must check out from the iSportsman system and report what was harvested.

While limited hunting is in season, portions of the trail routes that overlap with the hunting grounds are closed.

For additional information on the program, please contact the KDWP at 316-683-8069.