The goal of the County Clerk's Office is to serve the citizens of Harvey County with courtesy in providing services and information as requested. The County Clerk's Office also serves as the Election Office for the County. 

Information and functions of both the Clerk's and Election Offices are listed below:

Functions of the County Clerk's Office

  • The County Clerk serves as the official Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners
  • Maintains the Board of County Commissioners official records and minutes of all meetings
  • Performs all Accounts Payable duties
  • Prepares Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Rolls
  • Prepares State Assessed, In Lieu of Tax, and Special Assessment Tax Rolls
  • Spreads Intangibles Tax on certain budgets for the Tax Roll
  • Computes tax levies for all entities (87 levies) in Harvey County and prepares and distributes mill levy sheets
  • Prepares changes and adjustments to original tax roll, abatements, refunds, and added taxes
  • Maintains tax unit maps
  • Maintains records of land valuations, ownership and current addresses
  • Balances and prepares Motor Vehicle Tax Distributions 7 times per year and rental excise tax 2 times per year
  • Assists in preparing Homestead Claims
  • Handles road petitions/vacations
  • Issues hunting and fishing licenses and boat registrations
  • Issues house and structure moving permits
  • Issues cereal malt beverage licenses
  • Provides Notary Services
  • Performs checks and balances on County funds through the Treasurer's Daily Statements
  • Assists 15 townships with their budget preparation and keeps annual reports on file
  • 15 Townships, 7 Cities, 5 School Districts, 2 Fire Districts, 2 Cemetery Districts, 1 Drainage District, and
    1 Watershed District must file their budgets in this office

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