Pam Thomas has been named the Harvey County appraiser.

The Harvey County Commission appointed Thomas to the position at its June 18 meeting. Thomas officially became the county appraiser as of June 29, and continuing through June 30, 2025.

Thomas is a 19-year veteran of the Harvey County Appraiser's Office. She has earned registered mass appraiser certification.

Thomas has been a Newton resident since 1997.

"I like the people," she said. "I like the smaller-town living."

As she begins her tenure as the county appraiser, Thomas envisions continued education with the public on the roles and guidelines of the Appraiser's Office, and the options available to the public. Good communication ensures staff appraisers have the most accurate information, and in turn, allows the opportunity to review and explain data with property owners.

"We tell them all the time, if you have any questions, call. Come in. Ask us," Thomas said. "That's what we're here for. We're here to serve the public."

Prior to being named county appraiser, Thomas served as the deputy appraiser.

Thomas steps into the position previously held by Michele Lowery, who retired after a 27-year career with Harvey County.

(Updated July 9, 2024)