Harvey County Clerk and Election Officer Rick Piepho has been designated as a Certified Elections/Registration Administrator - the highest professional achievement for election officials and election vendors in the United States.

CERA or CERV (Certified Elections/Registration Vendor) designation is achieved through a multi-year course of study taught by Auburn University's master in public administration faculty in partnership with the National Association of Election Officials, commonly known as the Election Center.

"Attaining the completion of the CERA/CERV curriculum is a milestone to be lauded and celebrated - the election professionals who reach this goal have much to be proud of," said Tammy Patrick, CEO of program for the Election Center and a 2007 CERA graduate.

Piepho becomes one of 1,497 election officials who have achieved CERA/CERV status, which aims to professionalize the management of elections administration, and promote and preserve public trust in the democratic process.

"Participation in this program helped to expand my knowledge of election history, processes and procedures," Piepho said. "It was a good forum for engaging with my peers from other states to learn the differences and similarities for election activities. I think that this program and other education opportunities help me to be a better servant to the citizens of Harvey County."

Piepho began working in the Harvey County Clerk and Election Office in 2011. He became County Clerk in 2014. Previously, he managed a printing and direct mail company for 25 years. Piepho has lived in Harvey County since 1986. He is a Pittsburg State University graduate.

Piepho serves on the Kansas County Clerks and Election Officials Association executive board, and chairs the KCCEOA elections legislative committee. He is a KCCEOA Certified Master County Clerk, and is one of the two local Kansas election officers who serve on the Local Leadership Council advisory board of the Election Assistance Commission.

The Election Center is a nonprofit association of voter registrars, elections administrators and providers of election services throughout the United States and its territories. It promotes and supports continuous improvement in the administration of elections and voter registration.

(Updated Sept. 11, 2023)