With data compiled from its Community Health Needs Assessment, health organizations throughout Harvey County have strategized their goals to improve local health outcomes into 2026 with their Community Health Improvement Plan.

The CHIP can be viewed here.

The CHIP is a collaboration between health agencies throughout the county and state. The Harvey County Health Department helps lead the project by assisting with community surveys, focus groups, data reviews and stakeholder meetings.

"Really, the Health Department's role is helping to coordinate and facilitate, and then watch the measures as we go through," said Harvey County Health Department Director Lynnette Redington.

The CHIP will focus on four core priorities - social and economic growth, chronic diseases, mental health and behavioral health services, and birth outcomes and family planning - with subgroups within each priority. 

Health partners began implementing the latest version of the CHIP in July, with the intent for it to be their guide over the next three years. The CHIP is routinely reviewed every three years.

(Updated Sept. 11, 2023)