The results of the 2023 general election in Harvey County were certified Nov. 14 during the Harvey County Commission meeting. 

Official results can be found here.

This general election included votes for city and school board seats, as well as a sales tax ballot question for the City of Sedgwick.

There were 5,315 ballots cast out of 22,866 registered voters in Harvey County, equating to a 23.2 percent turnout for the election.

Elections are overseen by the Harvey County Clerk's Office. Election certification was completed by the Harvey County Board of Canvassers, comprised of county commissioners Randy Hague, Becky Reimer and Don Schroeder, following a vote canvass.

The election board reviewed 58 provisional or challenged ballots during the vote canvass. Of those, 41 ballots were approved to be counted in the official results.

Among the 41 ballots accepted, 19 were individuals that moved residences within the county, six had a name change and 13 requested an advance-by-mail ballot but did not return it, and instead voted at their polling site. Three additional voters cast their ballot at a poll site that was not assigned to them - in this instance, the ballots are partially counted to reflect only races that would be on their correct ballot (though, in these particular instances, the races were still the same).

There were 17 ballots not counted among provisional or challenged ballots. Fourteen were individuals not registered to vote in Harvey County. Three were voters that requested a mail ballot, but did not sign the ballot as required when returning it. In these instances, the Clerk's Office attempts to contact the voter to have the error corrected before the vote canvass, but were unable to obtain the necessary signature.

Election Day was Nov. 7. Early in-person voting began two weeks prior, with 595 voters casting their ballot at the Harvey County Courthouse before Election Day. There were 1,257 advance-by-mail ballots sent during this election, with 665 accepted.

More election information is available on the Clerk's Office's website.

(Updated Nov. 15, 2023)