The Harvey County Commission reviewed the schematic layouts at its May 14 meeting for a proposed remodel of the Pine Street facility at 215 S. Pine St. in Newton.

You can view the plan concepts here.

The three-story facility has remained the home of the Harvey County Health Department - located on the second floor - since 2013. The Commission purchased the building in March 2023 with the vision of moving certain services from the Harvey County Courthouse to address space concerns due to additional staffing assigned to the Ninth Judicial District.

The discussion remains in the design phases - no departments have moved to date. However, if approved, the Pine Street remodel would eventually assign the Department on Aging and Appraiser's Office to the first floor of Pine, keep Health on the second floor, and move GIS, Planning, Zoning and Environmental, and Kansas State Research and Extension - Harvey County to the third floor.

Additionally, the Pine remodel would configure space for meetings rooms and add more ADA-compliant restrooms.

The Commission will continue to review the layout configurations over the coming weeks.

(Updated May 14, 2024)