The Harvey County government maintained a secure financial footing as it moved into the first quarter of 2023.

The County carried a general fund balance of $7,857,562 into 2023. That figure includes dollars remaining from recent federal distributions, including a little more than $900,000 in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funds and about $2 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds.

With federal funds set aside, the County's balance is $4,834,185, in line with where it ended the previous year.

The County follows an internal policy to maintain a minimum general fund balance of 15 percent, or about $2.9 million.

"It has positioned the County to plan for future commitments, both planned and unplanned," said Harvey County Assistant Administrator Shannon Kingsley.

The County brought in about $21.9 million in revenue this past year, while expenditures totaled about $19.9 million. 

About 45 percent of expenditures went toward general government functions, 44 percent toward public safety efforts, 5 percent toward health and welfare, 5 percent toward culture and recreation, and 1 percent toward community development.

There are a few large-scale financial projects the County may soon consider, including remodeling the Harvey County Courthouse, remodeling the purchase of the Pine Street building that hosts the Harvey County Health Department, a facility needs assessment and remodel of the Harvey County Detention Center and constructing a new Harvey County Road and Bridge facility.

The budgetary figures included in the year-end financial report were not yet audited. Minor revisions may occur following the completion of the County's annual financial audit.

(Updated March 1, 2023)