The Ninth Judicial District court services staff serves Harvey and McPherson counties. Through the judicial branch of the State of Kansas, court services carries out orders of the court, such as pre-sentence investigation reports and supervision of adult and juvenile offenders under the jurisdiction of the District Court. The focus is to hold offenders accountable, while affording them the opportunity to live more productively and responsibly in the community. 

The chief court services officer for the Ninth Judicial District is Micah Larson. Other court services staff by county:

Harvey County
Bryan Weiser, assistant director
Mark Sullivan, court services officer
Heavenlee Walker, court services officer
Allison Tholstrup, court services officer
Joe Fine, court services officer

Clarissa Dutton, secretary

McPherson County
Kristi Schrader, assistant director
Stephen Gillet, court services officer

Monica Yost, secretary