Before starting an open burn, you need to do the following:
·         Contact 911
·         Give your name
·         Provide phone number or cell number
·         Type of burning (i.e. pasture, stubble, waterway, brush piles, etc)
·         Call when control burn is completed
Recommended rules for burns:
·         No burning if wind exceeds 15 mph
·         Fire breaks of at least 20 feet on all sides will be provided for field type fires.
·         Non-field type fires will have 100 feet clearance from any structure
·         The burn shall be supervised until fire is extinguished
·         No burning of heavy smoke producing materials including oils, tires and tarpaper
·         No burning of structures without approval of the fire department providing service to your location and/or Kansas Department of Health and Environment
·         As a courtesy and the interest of public safety, it is recommended that you contact any residence in close proximity to the fire
·         Trash barrel burning does not require you to call 911

Any questions regarding any type of burning in the unincorporated areas may contact the Emergency Management Office at 316-284-6910.
Any control burns within any city limit in Harvey County, you will need to contact your local city office.