The Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act - colloquially known as concealed carry - became law July 1, 2006. Concealed carry allows an individual to carry a concealed firearm in public. Concealed carry handgun licenses are effective for a four-year period. 

Applicants for a concealed carry handgun license are required to complete an application form. A photo must be attached to the application. There are two separate fees. A $79.50 fee can be made payable to the Office of the Attorney General. A $32.50 fee should be made payable to the Sheriff of Harvey County.

Additionally, applicants must complete an eight-hour concealed carry course to receive a certificate of completion. Applicants must also be fingerprinted - that service can be provided at the Harvey County Detention Center.

To complete the process, bring the application, certificate of completion, fingerprint card and your driver's license to the sheriff's office. There is generally a 45-90 day waiting period before the attorney general's office will contact an applicant with additional information on the application process.

For information on renewing a concealed carry license, click here