Roads abound in Harvey County, but not all are maintained by the County itself. The jurisdiction for road maintenance can vary, from county to city to township to the Kansas Department of Transportation.

For a closer look at which entity maintains roads within Harvey County, please click on the county maintenance map below, or find information on individual townships. The maps also detail where bridges are located within the county.

Harvey County Road Maintenance Map
Alta Township
Garden Township
Emma Township
Highland Township
Walton Township
Burrton Township
Halstead Township
Macon Township
Newton Township
Pleasant Township
Lake Township
Lakin Township
Sedgwick Township
Darlington Township
Richland Township

Our contact information is listed in the top left corner of this page. To learn more about an entity that represents a road, visit their respective websites:

Kansas Department of Transportation - District 5
City of Newton
City of Hesston