• Blood Pressure Check - Take blood pressure and record it. Provide a copy of blood pressure to client for their records.
  • Board - Board membership of a non-profit organization. Members are selected based on a particular area of expertise. Board meets one hour per month. Committee assignments may require additional time.
  • Fund Raisers  - Assist in planning fund raising activities for the NASC. Work during fund-raisers at the center. Must be able to relate and respond to all elderly persons, which includes persons of other races, education levels, economic status and social backgrounds in a cordial and respectful manner. Able to work cooperatively with the site manager, other volunteers and all persons involved in the project. Must be willing to accept supervision from the site manager in agreement with the guidelines and policies of the program. Must be friendly and courteous.
  • Gift Shop - Be aware of and enforce gift shop policies. Designate the location of gift shop display and consult with the executive director.  Determine the display arrangement. Establish prices for items on sale. Select suitable items for gift shop in consult with executive director. Communicate and cooperate with director and be an ad-hoc member of the public relations committee. Provide office with advertisement for newsletter of sale items by the 15th of each month.
  • GNNP Mealsite Assistant - Explain GNNP registration procedure to new participants. Introduce new participants to site manager, volunteers and other participants. Point out the locations of necessary facilities. Assist in the serving of meals.
  • GNNP Van Driver - Must have a excellent driving record. Pick up clients from their homes and transport to the GNNP at the NASC. Is also responsible to pick up the meals.
  • Group Activities - Help plan group activities. Assist in setting up for group activities at the NASC.
  • Independent Living Project - Volunteers assist with community outreach and companionship programs.
  • Inserts - Place advertising inserts into newspapers prior to circulation. Recruit and train volunteers for this fund-raising activities.
  • Maintenance - Light maintenance and cleaning for the Newton Area Senior Center.
  • Newsletter - Assist in the mailing of the senior center newsletter.
  • Office Assistance - Maintain current information in hostess book. Oversee hostess scheduling and fill in when needed. Collect money from crafts and gift shop pouches. Photocopy and file incoming checks. Post donation books and index cards with general donations, hospitality room information, newsletter, capital improvement, memorials, arts and crafts, gift shop, coffee, copy machine, quilts, etc. Prepare envelopes for treasurer. Make sign in sheets for special activities. Photocopy sign-in book to record participants' units of service and unduplicated participant statistics for each day. Also keep record of participation for all programmed activities. Total participants' units of service for reports and complete data entry in statistics logs. Collect volunteer hours from each department coordinator and send to RSVP office. Post volunteer sheets. Maintain master mailing lists. Photocopy address labels for newsletter and apply labels to outside sheet. Photocopy reservation lists for bus drivers. Assist in special mailings. Advise executive director of office supply status.
  • Pool Players (co-captains) - Oversee supplies needed and report needs to the executive director or program committee. Notify host team of tournaments, number of players NASC will have by at least noon the day prior to each match for lunch reservations. McPherson and Lindsborg need notice the Monday prior, Hesston and Hutchinson the Tuesday prior. If NASC is host, reservations for the NASC players and guests must be given to GNNP site manager at least one day in advance. Arrange and confirm group transportation to and from tournaments. Ensure all house and tournament rules are followed. Create a plan for accumulating funds for equipment maintenance.
  • Receptionist/Hostess - Greet program participants, visitors, entertainers, speakers and agency staff. Answer the phone/ Secretarial; duties. Screen and hold literature and posters from other agencies and give to executive director. Receive monies for gift shop items and write receipts. Keep hospitality room calendar up-to-date. Deliver mail.
  • Sewing - Duties include overseeing operations of the sewing room, keeping records of financial and pictorial records of each sewing project, ensuring the posting of RSVP volunteer sheets for volunteers, instructing and assisting new volunteers, recruiting and inviting new volunteers to sew, approving quilting projects and reviewing the price charts and advising director of any changes. Volunteers also prepare materials and sew blankets used for fund-raising projects.


  • Board - Board membership of a non-profit organization. Members are selected based on a particular area of expertise. Board meets one hour per month. Committee assignments may require additional time.
  • Meal Delivery - Any person who desires to deliver meals to the homebound once a week on an assigned route. A personal commitment to follow the procedure to deliver a meal and check on the well being of the client. Be at newton medical center at 11am. Get meals in coolers(hot and cold. Deliver meals to addresses on route sheet and get return trays, return coolers and empty trays to newton medical center. Fill out the bottom of the route sheet. Report any returned meals or concerns about the client.
  • Office Assistance - Assisting the director with routine office duties--typing filing, receiving incoming telephone calls. fill in when director is on vacation, sick, or at a meeting. Assist in recruitment. Supervise delivery volunteers by seeing that the show up at 11 am to do their route. In absence of director coordinate volunteers to assure covered of all routes. Receive telephone calls and take messages. At hospital check off meals delivered that day on the office route sheet. Do route sheets weekly on Friday. Post meal total (weekly)to client sheet. Prepare and mail a monthly statement from client sheet. Check reusable trays once a month for readable numbers and return address. Count reusable trays once a month and track down lost ones. Promote and communicate the needs of the program to the community.