(Updated March 23, 2021)

The Harvey County Commission voted unanimously to remove local health orders concerning COVID-19 that limited the size of mass gatherings and required face masks in Harvey County.

Both orders were removed effective immediately.

The Commission cited potential actions of the Kansas Legislature that would impact the ability of counties to implement local health orders.

"Our state legislators are making decisions that hinder local government and the local boards of health," said Harvey County Commission Chairman George 'Chip' Westfall. "We'll continue to support and encourage our residents and businesses to make sound health decisions to reduce the spread of COVID-19."

Face masks will continue to be required inside county government facilities.

"It is imperative that people continue to take personal responsibility and take common sense precautions, because COVID-19 has not gone away," said Harvey County Health Department Director Lynnette Redington. "The Health Department will continue to recommend individuals wear a face mask, social distance, and to get a COVID-19 vaccination when it is available to you."

The Commission had previously kept in place some gathering limit since Nov. 11. On Feb. 9, the Commission revised its local health order to increase the gathering limit size from 10 to 50 people.

A local health order requiring individuals to wear a face mask over their nose and mouth when 6 feet of distance could not be maintained had previously been approved Oct. 19.

Local Harvey County data on COVID-19 can be found here.

Information on local vaccine availability can be found here