The results of the 2020 primary election in Harvey County have been certified, following the Aug. 13 vote canvass by the election board. The election board is comprised of Harvey County Commissioners Randy Hague, Ron Krehbiel and George "Chip" Westfall.

Harvey County had a 37.86 percent turnout for the primary election, with 8,663 ballots counted out of 22,882 registered voters. Complete, finalized results can be found here

The election board canvassed 111 provisional and nine challenged ballots, of which 71 were counted. 

There were 67 provisional ballots that were included in the certified results. Descriptions of the provisional ballots counted include 44 voters that were mailed an advanced voting ballot but did not vote the advanced ballot and instead voted at their poll site, 17 voters that had moved within the county but had not updated their address, five voters that had a name change, and one ballot by poll worker error.

There were 44 provisional ballots that were not included in the certified results. Descriptions for ballots not counted include 22 voters that were not registered or not registered in Harvey County, 17 voters that voted the incorrect party ballot, and five voters that were mailed an advanced ballot and voted the advanced ballot, but also voted at their poll site. 

Additionally, there were nine challenged ballots, meaning the voter had submitted an advance ballot but did not complete the ballot by including their signature. Per Kansas statute, the Harvey County Clerk's Office makes several attempts to contact the voter to have the voter sign the submitted ballot before the election canvass. Four did, five did not. The four voters that were able to provide and verify their signature had their ballots counted, and the five that chose not to correct the deficiency were not counted. 

The primary election included races for federal and state candidates, as well as local level for county, township and precinct committeepeople.

The general election will be held Nov. 3. Advanced ballots by mail will begin to be mailed Oct. 14. Early in-person voting for the general begins Oct. 20. 

The last day to register to vote for the general election is Oct. 13. You can register to vote, or check your registration, here