Total cases in Kansas
(as of Aug. 14)
Total cases in Harvey County
(as of Aug. 14)
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The Harvey County Commission voted at a special meeting Thursday to rescind at the local level Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly's Executive Order 20-52 requiring face masks be worn in public spaces. The vote was unanimous.

The commissioners expressed support and encouragement that all individuals wear face masks to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, commissioners determined mandating the public to do so was not an effective and productive measure. 

"The right thing to do for your family, your friends, your neighbors, is to wear a face mask when you're out in public. We know masks can help prevent exposure to COVID-19," said Harvey County Commission Chair Randy Hague. "While the public has the right to choose, we hope they make the right choice, which is to wear a mask."

The State's face mask requirement will not be enforced by the Harvey County Sheriff's Office unless businesses or events require face masks be worn at their establishments.

"I support wearing a mask. But from a law enforcement perspective, we don't have the resources to monitor that every person is wearing a mask," said Harvey County Sheriff Chad Gay. "However, if you're a business owner and you require your customers to wear a mask, we are here to support you. If a customer causes a disturbance over your policy, we will absolutely respond when called upon."

Harvey County has had 42 cases of COVID-19 to date. There are 13 known active cases in the county.

There have been 1,740 tests for COVID-19 conducted in Harvey County.