The primary election wrapped up in Harvey County on Aug. 13, concluding with a vote canvass in front of the election board. The election board is composed of county commissioners.

Full results of the election can be found here. There were 6,908 ballots cast in the county, accounting for a 32.3 percent voter turnout. 

There were 97 provisional ballots canvassed, meaning there were questions to whether the ballot should be counted.

Of those, 63 were accepted and counted by the election board. Reasons for counting those ballots include voters that moved to a different residence, changed their name, or both. Five ballots were partially counted because of votes being cast at an incorrect polling place or ballot. 

There were 34 provisional ballots that were not counted. The majority that were not accepted were because they were not registered in Harvey County, or in the state.

The primary election was held Aug. 7. Early voting that led up to the election day began July 24.

The Republican primary for governor received publicity for its tight statewide results. In Harvey County, Kris Kobach received 2,045 votes after canvassing was completed, compared to Jeff Colyer's 1,901 votes. After statewide results are compiled, the victor will challenge Democratic candidate Laura Kelly and Independent Greg Orman in the general election.

Election Day for the general election will be held Nov. 6.