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Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton

The mission of the Harvey County Sheriff's Office is to protect our communities by providing service, which will ensure that our county is a safe place to live, work, play and visit.

It is essential that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards being committed to and demanding nothing less than excellence from ourselves.

We will strive as an organization to obtain and preserve the trust of the citizens we serve through an open and honest administration that emphasizes service to the citizens.

We are committed to this mission and will conduct our responsibility with dedication to the citizens we proudly serve.


"Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing"

Phone Numbers to contact divisions of the Sheriff's Office

Front Office                                              284-6960
Chaplain                                                   284-6973
Civil Process                                            284-6964
Carry Conceal                                          284-6960
Coroner                                                     284-6981
Detention Center                                    284-6959
Records and Reports                              284-6987
Registered Offenders                             804-8265


If you have prescription drugs that are expired, no longer needed, or are needed to be discarded, you may bring them to the Sheriff's Office Monday thru Friday during regular business hours and we will take care of their disposal.  The Sheriff's office is working in conjunction with the Harvey County Landfill to make sure prescription drugs are properly destroyed.


From the desk of Sheriff T. Walton
On January 12, 2009, the new Harvey County Sheriff, T. Walton, was sworn into office by District Judge, Richard Walker. Undersheriff, Todd Hanchett was sworn in and the Sheriff's Department took on a new look. Sheriff Walton and Undersheriff Hanchett have over 40 years combined experience in Law Enforcement. Sheriff Walton promoted Mark Hardtarfer to Chief Deputy. This new administration looks forward to serving the citizens of Harvey County.

Plans are being made through the Sheriff's Office to work with various agencies in the County to provide educational programs for schools, and families. We are proud to be working with Community in Schools, Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center, the O.S.C.A.R. Task force and the McGruff program.

Cooperation with other agencies is a must in today's tight budgets and limited resources. By working together we can all provide much more for the citizens of Harvey County.

The Harvey County Sheriff's Office is on duty 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. As Officers, we are dedicated to the citizens we serve. We all want Harvey County to be a great place to live and raise our families.
Welcome to the Harvey County Sheriff's Office. The office of Sheriff is a very old one. It dates back to England over 1,000 years ago, when the Sheriff was a member of the royal family. The word sheriff is a combination of "shire," meaning county, and "reeve," meaning keeper of; which means the sheriff is the keeper of the county. The office came to the American continent with the first settlers. Although the image has changed, many of the duties remain the same.

In Kansas, the office of Sheriff was established before Statehood was achieved. In some areas of the Kansas Territory, the Sheriff was the only law enforcement. In 1855, general statutes for the Territory of Kansas set procedures for electing a Sheriff. When Kansas became a state in 1861, the office of Sheriff was among the first established. The Sheriff is elected by the citizens of his/her county for a four-year term. The Harvey County Sheriff's office is a modern, full service law enforcement agency. It is the duty of the Sheriff to keep and preserve the peace in their respective counties, protect life and property, prevent crime and enforce all state and county laws and resolutions, arrest violators and assist citizens when aid is needed.



Harvey County, which is located in south central Kansas, was formed in 1872. Since that time, 30 individuals have held the position of Sheriff. The county has a population of 34,200 people and encompasses 540 square miles, which includes 1,088 miles of roads. The county is more than 82 percent urban population, with 60.9 persons per square mile; nearly double the population density for Kansas as a whole. Of the 105 counties in Kansas, only 11 have population densities greater than that of Harvey County. Sheriff's deputies drive approximately 350,000 miles per year. The office consists of the Sheriff, Undersheriff, Chief Deputy, 2 investigators, 2 Road Deputy Sergeants, 10 road deputies, 1 Transport/Warrant Deputy,  20 detention deputies and 2 office deputies.

Sheriff T. Walton
Undersheriff Todd Hanchett
Chief Deputy Mark Hardtarfer
Sergeant Scott Perkins
Sergeant Scott Motes
Detention Ctr Captain KC Kersenbrock

Tractor Vs. Train. 

Whenever approaching an open railroad crossing, slow down, check both directions on the rail before proceeding through the crossing. 


Programs of the Harvey County Sheriff's Office

The Harvey County Sheriff's Department maintains a number of programs for the safety and benefit of the citizens of Harvey County.

OSCAR (On Line Sex Crime Apprehend and Remove)

OSCAR was developed in January of 2008 by Asst Chief Bill Koonce of the North Newton Police Department and Sheriff Walton. OSCAR is a task force made up of a variety of law enforcement officers throughout Harvey County. Specialized computer training has been provided to the Task Force members in order to seek out those individuals who trade and store images of child pornography via the internet and their home computers. OSCAR also provides education to children and families about internet safety and what to watch out for when surfing the net or getting into chat rooms. If your group or organization would like a speaker to talk about OSCAR, contact the Sheriff's office at 316-284-6069.

Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center

Sheriff Walton was the founder of Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center. Heart to Heart addresses the issues of child abuse. Heart to Heart is supported by the community and is available to all specialized trained officers to use in their investigation of child abuse. The Harvey County Sheriff's Office has three qualified Deputies who have gone through an intense one week training program to learn how to interview children. Heart to Heart is a non profit serving all the children and families of Harvey County as well as Marion and McPherson County. More information of Heart to Heart can be found on their web site at

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

ERT was founded in 1990 as a collaborative effort among numerous agencies in Harvey County to address high risk incidents in our common jurisdiction. ERT's mission statement defines the unit as a life saving organization. ERT is not just a Harvey County Sheriff's Office or Newton PD operation. ERT serves all of the cities in Harvey County and even surrounding counties. ERT enjoys a respected reputation in this region of Kansas as a solid, well established and superbly performing unit.

Offender Watch

Offender Watch allows the citizens of Harvey County to search our data base for those individuals who are required to register for certain criminal acts.  By going to the Offender Watch link, you may be able to see all registered offenders in Harvey County or locate Offenders living near your home.  Offender watch allows the citizens of Harvey County to sign up for direct email notification whenever an offender moves in close proximity to where you live.


Harvey County Deputies patrol the County 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Investigator Shawn Chapman has been specially trained to interview children at the Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center. He is a member of the OSCAR task force and a member of the Heart to Heart CAC task force.



Harvey County Sheriff's Office 1938
Sheriff Les Monroe (sitting), Undersheriff Harry Goodman (standing right side)
and Deputy Bruce Walker (standing left side)


Thirty two Sheriffs have been sworn in the office of Harvey County Sheriff since the first election of May 20, 1872. How many do you remember?
  1. 1872 - 1873 W.M. Chamberlain
  2. 1873 - 1874 C.A. Tracy
  3. 1874 - 1876 George Hagerty
  4. 1876 - 1878 S.D. Leonard
  5. 1878 - 1882 H.H. McAdams
  6. 1882 - 1886 John F. Wafer
  7. 1886 - 1890 James Ryan
  8. 1890 - 1894 E.E. Pollard
  9. 1894 - 1898 R.J. Judkins
  10. 1898 - 1899 W.E. Means
  11. 1900 - 1905 C.D. Masters
  12. 1905 - 1909 J.S. Blanpied
  13. 1909 - 1911 A.R. Ainsworth
  14. 1911 - 1915 E.W. Slaymaker
  15. 1915 - 1919 J.N. Smith
  16. 1919 - 1923 Will Patton
  17. 1923 - 1927 Carl E. Adams
  18. 1927 - 1931 J.M. McIntire
  19. 1931 - 1935 Frank Darney
  20. 1935 - 1939 Lester Monroe
  21. 1939 - 1943 Harry Goodman
  22. 1943 - 1947 Lester Monroe
  23. 1947 - 1951 Harry Goodman
  24. 1951 - 1955 Walter K. Rogers
  25. 1955 - 1959 Weldon K. Morford
  26. 1959 - 1963 Harry C. Cowan
  27. 1963 - 1967 Russell Werner
  28. 1967 - 1973 Norman Walker
  29. 1973 - 1990 Galen Morford
  30. 1990 - 2007 Byron L. Motter
  31. 2007 - 2009 AJ Wuthnow
  32. 2009 - T. Walton